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Sign our letter to endorse Prop 478:

Dear Neighbors,

We write today asking you to join us in voting YES on Prop 478 to update Tempe’s General Plan. Every 10 years Tempe is required to update our general plan; the 2050 plan uses the previous plan as a model and moves us forward. This community-authored plan was written over two years with extensive input from hundreds of residents and reflects our collective vision for a forward-thinking, vibrant, inclusive and sustainable Tempe. 

At its core, Prop 478 is designed to safeguard the quality of life for every Tempe resident, prioritizing responsible growth and long-term planning. It does not propose any changes to existing single-family neighborhoods and does not raise taxes in any way. Instead, it will help pave the way for more affordable and accessible housing opportunities throughout Tempe, allowing our city to easily embrace emerging national trends such as micro-mobility and remote working. This means Tempe residents can rent or buy their first home close to where they work. Moreover, it prioritizes community safety by enhancing Tempe’s roads, bridges, and transportation networks while also committing to modernizing bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure to create safer and more accessible pathways throughout the city. Additionally, Prop 478 incorporates climate resiliency and environmental stewardship, ensuring Tempe remains a regional leader in sustainability. 

As general plans affect the entirety of a city and its residents, some of us may not agree on every single aspect. However this is a plan that balances the needs of affordable and accessible housing, doubling down on sustainability, and addressing our growing city without impacting our single-family homes or beautiful green space… making it clear that we have common threads of agreement. This was a compromise reached without vitriol, divisive rhetoric, or ugly personal attacks. The General Plan 2050 had input from hundreds of Tempe residents and is a product of compromise, collaboration, transparency, civility, and, above all else, a shared commitment to making Tempe the best city it can be — both now and in future generations to come. 

Together, let’s turn the page on this divisive chapter and get back to being the city and the community that we all love, starting with voting YES on Prop 478.


Zip Code
  • ​Angie Taylor

  • Danielle Van Vleet

  • Michael Dobbs, Riverside

  • Meghann St. Thomas

  • Steven Gerner, Farmers Arts

  • Kristine Wilcox, Downtown Tempe

  • Matt Smith

  • Ena Brown, Warner Ranch

  • Rachel Collay, North Tempe

  • Melissa Harlan

  • Jesse Shank

  • Eric Belec, Brentwood-Cavalier

  • Callen Shutters, Shalimar

  • Macy Kimpland Holdeman

  • Mike Collay

  • Kyle Kenkel, Brentwood Cavalier

  • Rebekah Sanders, Broadmor

  • Jennifer Johnson, Brentwood Cavalier

  • Joe Forte, Palmer

  • Mary LouTaylor, Lakes

  • Angie Taylor

  • Barb Harris, Rio Salado

  • Gabe Hagen

  • Paul Kent

  • Jason Silberschlag, Broadmor

  • Kyra Wright, Riverside

  • David Rojas, Pepperwood

  • Trevor Barger, Mitchell Park North

  • Joseph O'Rourke, Riverside

  • Katie Boligitz, Dwight Park

  • Kelsey Files

  • Km Naig

  • Anne Santoro, Dusk Fire

  • Genevieve Vega, Brentwood Cavalier

  • Candyce Lindsay, Optimist Park

  • Kim Gaffney-Loza, Papago Parkway neighborhood

  • Jeremy Browning

  • Michael Duncan, 13th St and Beck

  • Anne Ellsworth

  • Charlie Molina, Optimist Park

  • Henry Stevens

  • Jason Knorr, Hughes Acres

  • Amy Silberschlag, Broadmor

  • Steven Elisala

  • Manfred Alexander, Riverside

  • Adrian Dennis, Daley Park

  • Archie Cain, Friendship Village of Tempe

  • A. Elaine Cain, Friendship Village of Tempe

  • Nancy Puffer, The Oasis at Anozira

  • Melissa Westbrook, The Lakes

  • Nolan Williams, Daley Park

  • Robert Miller

  • Shereen Lerner

  • Tyler Amberg

  • Natalya Brown

  • Janet Hamlin, Warner Ranch

  • Nikki Amberg

  • Chariti Stern, Dromedary

  • Paul Dunham, Cavalier Hills

  • Paul Kent, University Park

  • Lane Carraway, Cavalier Hills

  • Tim Stringham

  • Kendra Flory, Brentwood Cavalier

  • Jackson Reed

  • Nicole Racz

  • Jacob Raiford, Papago

  • Susan Chalmers, Rolling Hills

  • Seth Chalmers, Rolling Hills

  • Monica Trejo, Mitchell Park

  • Michael Trejo, Clark Park

  • Nick Fromm

  • Shelby Maldonado

  • Eric Chalmers, North Tempe

  • Laura Green Schoenfeld, Warner Ranch

  • Kailee Heyman, Maple-Ash-Farmer-Wilson

  • Cara Bellavia, Palmer Park

  • Henry Bellavia

  • Lawn Griffiths, Palmcroft Manor

  • Barbara Quijada, Marilyn Ann

  • Curtis Ritland, The Lakes

  • Theron Gabel, Optimist Park

  • Loa Brown, Sunset

  • Jennie Johnson, Brentwood Cavalier

Community Endorsers

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